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My mission is not only to get people fit but to ensure they "stay" fit as well. Did you know that roughly 80-90 % of people regain their lost weight? This is because our mindset toward fitness is flawed. We consider healthy eating as dieting and exercise as punishment for what we eat.

The world has changed a lot. From a time when our ancestors used to plough their fields to consume fresh farm produce, we have shifted to bench-work with our mobiles and laptops. With just one click, we can get low-nutrition and high-calorie food at our doorstep. We live in an obesogenic environment, where our immediate surroundings promote habits that lead to weight gain. Every night, Netflix seems to take over our critical sleeping hours, and every other weekend, we resort to partying to get through the coming week.

We consume more than the required calories daily, and our sedentary lifestyle ensures we don't burn much of it, turning us into fat storage machines. Obesity is so prevalent that India is now referred to as the diabetic capital of the world.

"Most of us are overfed but undernourished."

Staying fit in times like this is a challenge. It does not help that our supplement-selling fitness industry is taking advantage of this by spreading misleading misinformation. We are surrounded by unqualified experts and the social media encouraging us to adopt shortcuts like detox diets, herbal shakes, etc., to get that gold-standard "beach body." Achieving fitness has become a new year's resolution, a far-away difficult dream, rather than a real, sustainable life goal.

A fitness journey is one of commitment, a decision to opt for sustainable changes in lifestyle, and strive to stick to your fitness goals with the right mindset. We go beyond diet charts and exercise plans. We offer you a customized coaching program, tailored to help you achieve your fitness goals in the most scientific approach. We focus not solely on weight loss but discuss together to design a personalized nutrition plan and a adaptive exercise regime.

What we do

What do we offer at cicoproject?

"Get fit, not just thin."

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Nutrition plan

A calorie-counted diet plan based on your lifestyle, caloric needs, and food choices, without compromising on the nutritional profile.

Exercise plan

A customized strength training workout plan. Video links and form checks are provided with each plan to make working out more straight forward for you. Homeworkout plan for those who cannot access the gym.

Goal counseling

A thorough discussion at the beginning of the program to set realistic and achievable fitness goals in the given period.

Progress check-ins

We do weekly check-ins to keep track of your progress, discuss the issues that you faced, resolve them, and make regular modifications in your fitness plan accordingly.

Chat support

We stay connected 24*7 by chat and all your fitness related queries will be answered within 24 hours.

Supplement advice

We give you information about the supplements that will be most suitable to your fitness goals. We further guide you scientifically to keep you away from harmful or fake supplements.

Clients Testimonials

Clients Say About Our Services

Big thanks to cicoproject clients for their wonderful feedback on our coaching program. Here are a handful of testimonials from our clients. PS: We will not shy away from sharing negative feedback (when we get one).

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