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There was a time when my health reached a point where I thought it was better to give up. What saved me? Two main reasons for where I am today: I decided to focus on the next step and was a cardiovascular research scholar, meaning I could read and understand science. I was lost without guidance once. I had to make my path, and it wasn’t easy. Now, I use my scientific knowledge and experience to help others rebuild their health.

Hi, I am Rakesh, Ph.D. dropout (from India’s number one educational institute, IIT madras) turned nutrition and fitness expert. Since childhood, I have been very athletic and good at sports—an All-rounder in cricket and a smasher in volleyball. I have always loved going to the gym and exercising. I joined IIT for my Ph.D., and my life changed after that. The work environment was highly toxic, the workload was too much, and my supervisor was abusive. I was working all the time. My daily routine, sleep cycle, and eating habits got utterly ruined. The stress was enormous, and I had no time for myself. All the sports and exercises stopped. Working late at night till 3-4 and then sleeping for a few hours and returning to the lab. Eat samosas and tea for breakfast, skip lunch, and work till evening. Evening again, I used to have samosa and tea. Dal rice in dinner and work till very late in the night. This continued for five years.

Due to the mental trauma, worse lifestyle, and extreme stress, my back got injured. I was diagnosed with a disc herniation. I could not move for several days. Getting up from bed and going to the washroom was a colossal task. Then started hospital visits, MRIs, and rehabs. Back injuries are always scary because it involves the risk of nerve damage. I was never more scared in my life. Many experienced doctors told me to wear a belt and live a compromised life. I was devastated. I thought my life was over.

While battling depression and pain, I kept reading about health and fitness. Fitness became everything for me. My survival was dependent on it. I am a science student, so I started reading more and more about it. I was so intrigued by nutrition and exercise science. How it can improve our lives and take up all the challenges, be it aging, injuries or lifestyle disorders.

I applied those principles, backed by science, to myself, and it worked like a miracle. Coaches helped me overcome my injuries and fears.. My health started to improve, and I began to feel better again. To cut a long story short, Evidence-based fitness science helped me get back on my feet and become the healthiest version of myself. I quit my Ph.D. and became a certified nutrition and fitness coach. I have helped more than 100 clients till today, and the number is snowballing.

Evidence-based fitness practices are the need of the hour, where nutrition and training protocols are derived not from broscience and shortcuts but from published scientific research. Through my online content, I spreads awareness about nutrition,obesity and body recomposition with facts based on empirical evidence, challenging widespread misinformation about nutrition and training. You must check out my page on Instagram and Youtube @cicoproject, where I simplifies the scientific jargon and educates you about the logic behind the fitness practices or the eating habits.

Contact me if you are struggling with health or want to get in the best shape of your life. Let me help you get fit and reclaim the best quality of life through scientific, evidence-based coaching. It is not so difficult when someone with the right knowledge and experience is there to guide you.

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Dear Cardiovascular research, I love you with every beat of my heart. I will never stop loving you.

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